One Panties Man is standing on the ground and wearing colourfully designed underwear.
Diapers on Order
April 25, 2020
A diaper for adults It was really good and secured with a lock and a blue cover.
I am locking you in your diapers and you are not coming out
June 13, 2020

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It’s time to get you dressed to go out for the day, little sissy baby. I want you to be so sweet and adorable that all the other mommies will be green with envy! I’m thinking that a pink and white dress with the poofiest little hem is exactly what I want you in, right along with your diaper and a pair of sheer tights. Of course, the dress is short enough to show your diapered sissy bottom to anyone that takes the tiniest glance in your direction. Oh, and maybe a frilly bonnet to match! That would make it easier for you duck your head down to hide behind the rim so no one could see your bright red blush! If you have an accident in your thick abdl diaper, don’t worry about anything because I will have a big diaper bag filled with all of my sissy baby necessities. Ready for your sissy baby humiliation? Go ahead and give me a call!



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