The Season of Giving!
November 14, 2009
I Adore Sissies!
November 15, 2009
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What Am I?

Just Moi

I’m the Sitter, and what I say goes!

I’ll do what I want, and there’s nothing you can

do to stop me! You’re the baby, and I’ll tell you

what to do! If you don’t like it, I’ll stick you in

diapers and make you sit in the corner!

You think I’m pretty, don’t you? You like my

sweet giggle? My hot little body? Too bad you

can’t have it! I’m only here to look after you!

You’ll probably try to flirt with me, and be

rewarded with my little giggle, a bit of laughter.

It’s so cute! You’d never be able to get a big girl

like me!


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