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Public Diaper Humiliation
November 2, 2015
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Obedient Sissy
November 5, 2015

You thought I didn’t know you were watching Mommy take a bath.

But why do you think I left the door open a little bit? I slowly strip down naked and sink into the warm soapy water. Soft music is playing and the bath tub is surrounded by candles. I scoop up some of the soap bubbles and rub them over my large soft tits. I run my hands over my body and between my legs. I let myself writhe in the tub spilling some of the water over the edge.

You hear my gentle moans and you start to rub your tiny cock through your diaper. You like touching yourself to Mommy don’t you? I know you want to fuck Mommy. I sink further into the water to wet my hair. I hear your little gasps coming from behind the door. I order you to come into the bathroom and strip down.

Why don’t you come get into the bath with Mommy?



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