In the image, there is a Sexy Lips that looks hot and sexy.
Sudsy Bath with Mommy
November 5, 2015
In Mommy's Slutty Outfit, a woman is shown walking along the street while sporting a miniskirt.
Mommy’s Sexy Clothes
November 6, 2015

My sissy and I went shopping earlier, and we got a lot of cute skirts for him to wear. I let him sit down on the bus ride home, with our bags at his feet, and I stood in front of him. The bus was very crowded, and there was a man behind me staring at my ass the whole time. I glanced back for a moment and saw him rubbing himself through his jeans. I got a very wicked idea and told him my sissy would gladly take care of that for him. He looked surprised, but my sissy looks like such a pretty girl that he didn’t even think about it. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a cock bigger than any my sissy has sucked before, and he stepped forward and thrust his meat deep into my sissy’s pretty mouth. My sissy started gagging, but the stranger didn’t pay any attention, and kept pumping down my sissy’s throat until his eyes were watering and his mascara started running. Finally the stranger came, zipped up his pants, and got off at the next stop. My sissy got a big bowl of ice cream when we got home for servicing that man so well. I’m very proud of him for being so obedient and sucking cock on public transportation.


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–Barbie <3


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