A Domination of Role Playing The thoughts on the wall are all black in colour.
Bend Over for Mommy
November 1, 2015
In the image, there is a Sexy Lips that looks hot and sexy.
Sudsy Bath with Mommy
November 5, 2015
I got to talk to one of my callers tonight. He’s one of my favorite callers cause he’s a big diaper lover so you can bet that he really loves diaper lover phone sex. He called me earlier and was so excited to tell me about his day. You see he loves public diaper humiliation so he just got home from the store. He loves to go to this little ma and pa store since there’s this sweet little ol lady there who helps him every time. The first time he came in there and wore sweat pants over his diapers and always made sure the top of his diapers are sticking out. Not only did she see his diaper he drew even more attention to himself when he told her he needed to know where the adult baby wipes were because he made a mess in his diaper! She even had to give him the bathroom key so he could change his stinky diaper. He always has new and exciting stories for me when he calls. Public humiliation phone sex is just so hot sometimes.
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