Panty Girl
January 31, 2016
A Disney Nursery can be seen in the picture, and it looks nice.
Nursery Tales with Nanny Ella – Chapter 4
February 1, 2016

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Sometimes, an abdl mommy does not have to do a thorough diaper check to see if their adult babies have left a mess for them in their diapers… Sometimes, all it takes is a mommy looking up from her magazine to see her little one waddling around with a bulging diaper swinging and swaying between their knees. My is that full! Sometimes, even worse, a mommy will not even have to look to see that full diaper… Sometimes her nose tells her all that she needs to know when the smell of a dirty adult baby diaper reaches her! What is left to do when mommy does not have to reach down and give baby a squeeze? When the diaper is dirty, it is time for a change! Up onto the changing table where I will wipe you clean and get you into a nice, fresh diaper. Mommy loves you!




abdl mommy phone sex adult baby diaper lover milf taboo fetish

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