A Sexy Hot Lady is posing while sporting a pink attire for the picture shoot.
Low Key
January 31, 2016
A Big Diaper Boy is posing while sporting a white diaper and a t-shirt with a line design.
Stinky, Sagging Diaper
January 31, 2016
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Panty Girl


Oh my well if it isn’t my pretty little sissy girl! Mommy hopes you’ve had a good sleep because I have so many things planned for you today! It’s my sissy girls birthday so it has to be extra special! First things first we need to get you in your tiara and pretty pink princess dress because today you are mommy’s pretty princess! Once you’re all dressed up and cute mommy needs to slip on your pretty little Cinderella slippers that are pink just like that dress of yours! After your outfit is complete mommy is going to take you to the park because all of mommy’s girlfriends are there to throw a birthday tea party for you! You are definitely going to be the most pretty girl there! Imagine all the gifts mommy’s girlfriends are going to get you! Dresses, panties, makeup, everything a girl desires. Only the best for my adult baby girl!
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