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October 21, 2012
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October 25, 2012
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Stinky Pants

I sometimes wonder if abdl phone sex is really what I should be doing.. I have these moments of genius where I think that someday I may be a great song writer.. When I came up with this little diddly.

Stinky Pants

(Loosely sung to the tune of Lady Gaga Bad Romance)


Oh ma-ma ma maa


Ma mama

Ew haha ha-ha

Mr stinky pants


Somethings really bothering me,

It’s something I can smell but I cannot see,

What is that smell?

Smell smell smell

What is that smell?



Well lookie here,

I found that smell,

It seems like you made a stinky pants.

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again,

Aby made a stinky pants.


Oh woah-ohhhh-oh-ohoh

Caught in those stinky pants.

Woah ohhhhh-ohoh oh,

I told you this was your last chance.


Well.. you get the idea J So what do you think? Should I keep my fetish phone sex job? Or turn into a 50 shades of grey themed song writer






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