He is a handsome man wearing a black clothing and wearing makeup.
Forced To Be Pretty
November 12, 2015
Standing for the picture session is a gorgeous and seductive woman wearing a white attire.
Pegging Bitch Chapter Two
November 16, 2015

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When you find yourself in my ABDL nursery, you will notice how many things there are to use to take care of you. When you come to me, like most of my adult babies, I am sure that your diaper will not be clean. More times than not, when I get a new diaper lover, they have a very full and very stinky diaper for me to change! Usually I can smell it as soon as they step into my home, that pungent smell hitting my nostrils and sending me right into mommy mode! I will take them by the wrist and lead them up the stairs to the well stocked and well prepared nursery. It has all sorts of pastel and inviting colors, and has diapers of cloth and disposable, dresses and outfits, toys, pacifiers, powder, and everything else that I could ever need to take care of my little ones!




milf mommy phone sex role play abdl adult baby diaper lover taboo fetish

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