A girl in red panties is sitting in a chair while sporting them.
Silk Panties
November 12, 2015
A man is dressed in a white wet diaper that appears to be soft.
Stinky Diaper Lover!
November 15, 2015

You’re in big trouble now! Mommy Lauren caught you in the bathroom, playing with a lipstick she had left on the counter. She had always thought you were a big sissy and now she knows for certain. She’s not going to let you off the hook so easily. Mommy Lauren tells you to sit down on the toilet and stay still, she’s going to make you so pretty.

Mommy Lauren's Makeup!

She takes the lipstick out of your hand and tells you to pucker your lips. She applies a thick layer of hot pink and then puts a shiny gloss on top. She orders you to close your eyes, and then you feel one of her soft brushes rubbing back and forth over your eyelid. Opening your eyes, you see her leaning over you, brushing a bright rouge onto your cheeks.

She orders you to look in the mirror. Don’t you look just lovely! She tells you that she’s still upset with you so you need to leave the house and play with your friends. She pushes you out the door with a full face of makeup. Will the boys be surprised when they see your sissy face!

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