Mommy Phone Sex Fantasy
November 12, 2015
He is a handsome man wearing a black clothing and wearing makeup.
Forced To Be Pretty
November 12, 2015

My new sissy is not doing well with his training. Of course, I have to insist that my sissy wears panties all the time, who knows when I will want to see my pretty little girl! However, he didn’t like the lacy ones that I got him, he insisted that they were itchy. I offered to buy him a different brand and different cuts so that he could find some lace panties that he really liked. Finally I gave up on the lace and decided that silk was the way to go. There was no way my new little sissy could resist some soft smooth silk against his little bum. It turns out, in fact, that he couldn’t. He wears his new silk panties all the time now and talks about how much he loves them all the time. So for any mommies out there that have trouble with sissy training, try silk panties!


–Barbie <3


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