A girl stands for a photoshoot, and the background is filled with Pink Flower Standup.
Dressing up
August 31, 2015
A Hot and Sexy Lady stands in front of the photoshoot in a pink outfit. She looks hot and sexy.
“Let’s go to the Mall”
September 4, 2015

I knew you were a diaper lover and I knew you liked being and adult baby. You love the taste of my milk and adore being changed. This was all common knowledge, but when I walked into my bedroom yesterday and saw you digging in my lingerie drawer, my fishnets stretched on your legs and my corset cinching your waist, I was opened up to a new side of you.

At first you seemed kind of embarrassed to be caught, but I was delighted that I had a new way to play with you. I lightly fussed at you and took my things off of you. Those are mine but we will find you some. You are still too shy to go out in public and I will not force you yet.  I make you stand up straight and take your measurements. I’ll go out and get you some super sexy things.

Can’t wait to dress you up, sissy boy.

-Mommy Liz 888-430-2010mommy-liz



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