The image contains brrrrr letters, which look nice.
It’s Getting Colder!
November 19, 2015
The image shows a beautiful bedroom with blue and white accents.
Nanny Ella is waiting in her ABDL Nursery!
November 20, 2015

We wake up early in the morning to get you ready and discover it’s snowing outside! Looks like Mommy and her baby get a snow day together.

I change your adult diaper and slip you into a nice warm onesie. Then mommy makes you a nice warm breakfast. We climb back into bed and read books and watch movies. Then we take a little nap. When we wake up we put on warm clothes and venture outside. We have a snowball fight and make snow angels. You sit down in my lap and we build a snow Mommy and snow aby.

When we’re done Mommy brings you inside and makes you dinner. After dinner Mommy gives you a bath and puts you in a thick fluffy diaper. I tuck you into bed and kiss your forehead. It has been a good snow day, I love spending time with my aby.





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