The image contains leaves that are both beautiful and blue in colour.
Snow day!
November 19, 2015
The image shows a unicorn plush toy that appears to be a soft stuffed toy.
Sissy’s Stuffed Toys
November 21, 2015

Well hello my lovely little bABies and Diaper Lovers! I am so excited to see you again. Nanny Ella has been away for a little bit, and now I’m back to play!

I love to role play with AB/DL on Come visit my nursery; we’ll have so much fun together!

Nanny Ella’s nursery has everything an adult baby could ever want – an adult size changing table with wet wipe heater and stocked with both disposable and cloth diapers (oh do I love adding extra inserts to make your bottom super padded); an adult size high chair with harness to keep all my ABDL safe and secure; there is a rocking chair big enough for both of us for cuddling and story time…and for over the knee spankings when you are naughty! And how could I forget my adult baby size locking crib, so bABies will be safe and secure…and sometimes punished.

I am so excited to introduce you to my nursery, and I hope you will visit. You can see more about the type of fun we can have; just see my profile at Or call your soon-to-be-favorite ABDL nanny today – 888-430-2010.

I'm waiting for my ABDLs to cum and play!

I’m waiting for my ABDLs to cum and play!

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