The image shows a beautiful bedroom with blue and white accents.
Nanny Ella is waiting in her ABDL Nursery!
November 20, 2015
A Sissy Dress This is the adult dress for the little girl. Adult users are the ones who make use of it.
Dressing Up Sissies
November 22, 2015

Mommy Lauren knew you were a sissy when she caught you playing with Barbie dolls. You knew that Mommy knew when she started buying you cute and cuddly stuffed animals! No more hard plastic trucks and wooden logs for you- now it’s all velvety soft dolls!

Mew mew!

What would you friends think if they saw your room now, with bright pink bunnies and fluffy unicorns? They’re so nice to play with! You can hug them as you fall asleep, lay back on them as a pillow, and have them dance around your bed.

How about a tea party? Or playing dress-up? There are so many more options than when you only had hard plastic army men! Maybe if you asked nicely, Mommy Lauren would join in on your fun!

Isn’t Mommy Lauren wonderful for being so sweet to her sissy? She would never tell your friends how much you like these pretty toys! Would she?

Mommy Lauren

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