The image shows a unicorn plush toy that appears to be a soft stuffed toy.
Sissy’s Stuffed Toys
November 21, 2015
A Nude Boob During the showing, the lady was completely naked. In addition, the panty she is wearing is white.
Step mommy
November 22, 2015

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The holidays are upon us and as the time goes by and we get closer to Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, and New Year’s Eve, I keep thinking about how many pretty outfits and dresses I can put my little sissies in. Most of them are so very loving and obedient and they are always sure to be completely submissive to everything that I say or tell them to do. They never talk back or fight me on it when I tell them that I will be putting them in a dress and panties, stockings, and even some pretty little shoes. For my adult babies who just can’t control their bladders and bottoms, I always have to keep them in a diaper underneath those cute panties! My diaper lovers just love wearing them so much that they beg me over and over again until I put them in one!




adult baby diaper lover abdl milf mommy phone sex role play taboo fetish

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