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April 26, 2013
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April 28, 2013
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Sissy Fag Ty

pansy red sissy 5k

Ms Ava I am so eager to be your fluffer and sissy boi.  I know that I am not worthy to be your boyfriend- as you have told me many times in the past, “Why would I want to be with a loser faggot like you?”- but I still fantasize about it.  I could be your houseboy, and have to mow the lawn and plant flowers dressed like a sissy- wearing pink panties.  If I asked you out on a real date, you would slap my face, and say: “Ty, you are a faggot sissy, that I WOULD NEVER BE SEEN IN PUBLIC WITH, except on a leash with my lover”  You would probably be disgusted by that, and refuse to even go out with us in public, so that I would be humiliated by being led on a leash by your lover, dressed in lover, who would spank me in public, while I called him DADDY.  If you did allow me in your house, I would clean it thoroughly.  I know you would not touch me, except to grab me by the ear and forcibly lead me to clean the toilet or to fluff your lover.  You would probably make me wear a short frilly dress around the house- when I was allowed to dress at all, or when I was not dressed in leather with a big opening on my rear end so that I could be spanked by anyone who came in the house.  Otherwise, as I have told you before, I would call your boyfriend: DADDY or SIR, and bathe him and feed him as if I was his wife.  Of course, even if you allowed that you would be revolted by that, and slap me hard.  Of course, I would not be allowed to cum and would have to wear a chastity belt that your lover would have the key to.  I would have to kiss his hand and beg him to unlock me.

If you’re a sissy fag like Ty give me a call so I can use you




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