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April 22, 2013
Sissy Fag Ty
April 27, 2013

prissy sissy

You wanna look so pretty for mommy don’t you?  So does Mommy.  I want you to wear a pretty little dress for all the boys in the neighborhood. We can watch them and you can pick out your favorite boy to play with.  Of course he’ll come over on a “play” date and Mommy will teach you how to be an irresistible little gurl for him.  How lucky he will be won’t he?  He’ll get to play with you (and maybe even Mommy) and he’ll find out exactly how much fun we both are, won’t he?  We’ll make sure you make him happy so when his Daddy comes to pick him up he will tell him how he had fun with both of us and how he got to touch and snuggle with both of us.  And just think, maybe his Daddy will be so intrigued that he will want to play with both of us as well *smiles*.



Your go-to mommy for all your sissification and sissy gurl play,


Mommy Maggy


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