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November 11, 2013
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November 16, 2013
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Shopping with my abby

Abdl Mommy Candy is going out for you today. She’s going to Babies’ R Us to pick you out some brand new jammies and she’s taking you with her! Mommy thinks her cute little aby (adult baby) is finally big enough to choose your own pajamas. So I pick you up and take you out to the car. I open the back door and buckle you in your car seat and give you a teething ring to play with. Mommy gets in the front seat and starts driving to the store. You look around at all the cars and other sounds around you. I put in your mix tape in with all your favorite nursery rhymes and turn up the radio. When we get there Mommy takes you out of your car seat and places you in the shopping cart. “Okay! Time to find some jammies. What kind does aby want?” Mommy pushes you in the cart down the nighttime section and starts browsing through the pj’s, picking different ones out and holding them up for you. Does aby want choo choo train jammies?  Maybe ones that button up?  How about the zip up ones with the trap door in the back? Those will keep aby nice and snuggly. Well now it’s up to you my little angel. Which do you like best? Hurry up and choose so we can go home and Mommy Candy can get my adult baby all ready and tucked in bed for the night.


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