Shopping with my abby
November 13, 2013
Get Your Checkup with Nurse Betty!
November 17, 2013

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Is your pamper wet? Want mommy to change it for you? I just love my adult babies, Imagine having me change your wet pamper, then breast feeding you while stroking your ‘widdle stiffie’ in your crinkly, sweet smelling pamper.

But beware – if you’re really bad, Mommy will have to slide your pamper to the side and fill your naughty bum with her strap on while she makes you hump the pillow she placed underneath you. While your punishment is being administered, you will be expected to cream your pamper, proving to both you and I that your punishment is well deserved.


Let Mommy Scarlet give you a sexy, loving (or not so loving) abdl experience.


Mommy Scarlet


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