What do you see up there, sweetie?
July 3, 2011
diapered sissy and Mommy
July 4, 2011

I really need a special kind of mommy and daddy to take care of me.  I’m adult baby Betsy and I love to act and dress like a little baby 24 7.  I wear adult diapers that look like baby diapers.  I wear cloth diapers to bed with rubber pants, and disposable diapers when my Daddy takes me out.  I’m so embarrassed when I make a poopee in my diaper.  Especialy when were out in public.  because they stink so bad and everyone knows it’s me who made the stinky.  I like when daddy changes my diaper in public, and everyone gathers around to watch him clean me up and powder my bottom.  Would you want to diaper me too?

Baby Betsy


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