Diaper Change
March 6, 2013
Surprise Sissy Baby Make Over
March 9, 2013

What a cute onsie ;)

Hi Babies!!! You know I love to change diapers, especially when Poop Happens.

You can all be so good, and when you are I’ll give you some milk. And Guess what happens next? I will lay you down on my special pink mat, the one for the good little ABys, and I’ll pull off each side of your diaper and wipe away the stinky mess you’ve made. I know that Poop Happens, and I like that. Especially when I get to change my little babies, because they can’t help it, little qt pies. Step Sister Mandy likes to be a good mommy sometimes, if my ABy’s do what I say 😉

xoxoxo- I’ll never tell 😉 Mandy


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