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March 15, 2012
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March 18, 2012
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My Dirty Diaper King!


One of my adult baby sitting jobs I have is for an adult baby that loved to make the messiest diapers. He is my Dirty Diaper King! He giggled and laughed every time he would fill his diapers for me. I am usually a disciplinarian, but I have to admit his laugh was contagious. He was just the cutest adult baby ever. Running and hiding from me once he filled his diaper, I would chase after him. He was not very good at hiding from me because he could not stop giggling. So I caught him every time!

I think I changed more adult diapers then I ever had in any other ab sitting job. I had stacks and stacks of adult baby dirty diapers. One dirty diaper after another, the diaper genie was just as overloaded as the diapers themselves. Blow out after blow out OMG it was so crazy! I was exhausted. I teased him relentlessly calling him my diaper~over~load, saggy diapers, and my messy bottoms. I emailed his ABMommy to find out exactly what she has been feeding him, because I have never seen an adult baby dirty his diapers so many times in one night! It sure was the stinkiest night I have had in a long long time!


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