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May 16, 2012
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May 20, 2012
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mommy’s dirty diaper lover

Mommy’s dirty diaper lover.
He likes it when we get real down and naughty.
Mommy takes him to her blanket fort where no one can see
what kind of sweet touches he gives to me.

we have all the plushest diapers that you can buy.
Only him and me get to experience the hot night’s
under the blankie we spread out in mommy crissy’s nursery.

He is so lovable and kind and knows just how to make me unwind.
Loves mommy’s milk and is such sleepy boy after a feeding oh
abie needs a pacifier he must be teething.

His high chair is built big&comfy for his little abie bottom.
Mommy feeds him all his faveorite abie foods while he relaxes in front of the tv.
It’s all he needs to be my dirty diaper lover and his sexy mommy.


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