ABDL Nighttime Stories
May 14, 2012
mommy’s dirty diaper lover
May 17, 2012

You thought you could hide it from me – your little adult baby desires.  You thought you had your diapers and onsies and binkies stashed away safely, where I would not find them.  You thought you cleared your browser history as to not leave any bread crumbs to your little obsession.  You thought that if I found out who and what you truly are, I would run away as far and as fast as I could.  But you were wrong.  I found your stash of adult baby gear; I found your browser history on your computer, following and finding out where your needs have taken you; and I have not “run for the hills” as it were.

I did, however, smile and find a deep connection to this wondrous world that you have tried to squirrel away from me.  And I did immerse myself in all there was to know about adult babies and diaper lovers and the ABDL Mommies that take care of them.   And I did decide to not only embrace your baby-self, but to give you a place to nurture and express that inner adult baby that is yearning to come out.

Welcome to your new adult baby nursery along with your ABDL Mommy!



Mommy Gina


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