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July 17, 2011
July 17, 2011

My baby brother is such a weak horny little dickhead, it drives me nuts. I caught him sniffing my dirty panties once again and decided it’s time for me to do more than threaten to tell mom. I know, I know, but he just looked up at me with this bright red face, quivering lips and puppy dog eyes I just gave in and took mercy on him. I figured I could really work this to my benefit; he is such a horny pup he may be very easy to control. So I decided to play a little game. I took away my panties and went and sat on the edge of my bed. He remained on his knees crotched inside my closet and just starred intensely at me. I spread opened my legs and used my pointer finger to call him closer, he went to stand up and I firmly ordered him “No, crawl over to me,” to my surprise he did as I ordered and I smiled like a Cheshire cat, once his face was in bird’s eye view of my pussy, I lifted my skirt and pulled off my panties. I asked him to come in a little closer to get a real live smell! He leaned in, his beady eyes gazing up at me, unsure of himself and of what I might do. I said go on take a deep breath and giggled, he closed his eyes and drew slow long deep mouthful of air and I watched a crocked smile come across his lips. He began to come even closer and I waved my hand “No, no, no, only a smell for now” I laughed “perhaps I will let you get a taste at another point and time.” He got all fidgety and reached for his crotch, “oh is your little wee wee all tingly?” He just nodded; I said “well then, let us make some rules. You long to play with my pussy? Don’t you?” he nodded sheepishly, You want to play with your little wee wee? You want to do a cummies?” again he nodded. So I ordered him to undress and put on my panties and matching bra and like any slut in heat he without haste did as I instructed. I began to remove my blouse and reached in my dresser to pull out my play toy as I made him sit on his knees and watch me, poor little thing just salivating at the bit. I began playing with my pussy using my dildo he went to reach down towards his babydinky, I glared over at him “no, no, no, no touches, just watch I told him’” Oh yes, this is going to be a lot of fun I thought.


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