Manipulative Mandy
July 17, 2011
Diaper sex
July 20, 2011

My aby has been so naughty! I had to put him in the corner and I just know he was playing with his wee wee while he had his back turned. Mommy Lexus has been bringing on the punishment for my badly behaved ABies. I made my aby squirties from the corner and lean on mommy’ lap, his little butt in the air. I slowly unfastened his diaper and let it hang down exposing his bum bum. “BAD ABY!” I scream as I take my hand swiftly over his bottom. It makes a loud “SMACK” and I can hear my AB screaming in glee. “SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!” I go faster and harder and his bottom gets even redder and I can see my hand print on it. “Say you’re sorry for what you did abie, beg for mommy’s forgiveness” I whisper to him as I lean into him. I can hear my little one whimper…he says softly “I’m sorry, mommy”….Good boy, Mommy is glad you apologized. I caress him as I turn him over and tickle his belly….I don’t put his diaper back on tho..I let it fall to the floor as I take my Abies hand to his crib….
CUM finish this story with me my badly behaved Abies….Mommy Lexy is waiting…
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