Sissy Décor
March 3, 2012
Creative diapering
March 4, 2012

"Humiliation and Discipline"

Are you seeking to be submissive to the right Mistress? A Domme that derives her pleasure not only from hearing you beg her to Humiliate and Discipline you, but inflicting the pain you seek? Look no further.

Although, you will not have to beg for long to be properly Humiliated and Disciplined in Teacher Rebecca’s classroom. Just be caught misbehaving and Domme Teacher Rebecca without hast shall inflict a much needed punishment upon her AdultBabes and Sissybois. Some bottoms need more then just a spanking; lucky for us, my classroom is full of supplies and surprise. School supplies are useful beyond imagination. I have countless number of ways in which I like to expose disobedient subs and of course it will all take place publicly.

Mizz Rebecca

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