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March 4, 2012
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March 4, 2012
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Creative diapering

Mommy Practice’s Creative diapering at all times.
Mommy Crissy is a big fan of Art in all things in life.
When ever mommy is having a fun visit with her ab friend’s she really gets into the ritual of putting on a new diaper.

She does a changing the diaper dance and that really puts the smile on her ab friend’s face.
Next thing is she slowly pulls the old diaper off and get’s her wipes out to clean you all up.
Then the ab powder comes out to make sure your skin is nice and soft and smelling Yummy.
Mommy likes for you to creative as well so she gets out all kinds of cool art supplies and has you draw and color your diaper
if you want to of course!

When you are all nice and clean again in your new decorated diaper mommy dances with you and makes you giggle and smile.

Mommy likes to have nap time to with you and you can dream about how when you wake up we will go to the carnival and you will get to have balloon animals made for you by the big colorful clowns.
You will be so happy and entertained you will need more creative diapering.

Come be entertained with me!!
Call me at 1*888*430*2010
Mommy Crissy

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