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February 14, 2013
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February 18, 2013

multiple adult diapers

Sometimes one adult diaper just doesn’t cut it. Of course so many of my adult babies require diapering so as not to make a mess on Mommy’s carpet and furniture, but in many cases it becomes necessary to take greater precautions.

The first option many jump to is the plastic diaper cover, or panty. While I would agree that plastic panties are a good solution, as long as they’re a good quality panty, I think we should all just take a second to consider the benefits of just a couple more diapers. You can just throw that plastic panty on over those extra layers!

Now, multiple diapering becomes a necessity when you have an especially messy adult baby. Every mommy has experience here. That ABy who doesn’t seem to stop going tinkle and poopy in his diaper. And of course the ABy who has a naughty streak in them and tries to run away from a diaper change every chance he gets. Now I know what you’re thinking – but Lizabeth, why not just spank that naughty streak away? I’ll tell you why, because even mommies like to laugh, and there is nothing quite like seeing an adult baby wearing so many diapers he can’t even walk right. That’s why!

Here’s what I like to do: when I get my fussy adult baby down for a changing I go about the normal diapering procedure, wipe, lotion, powder, tape. Now when I tape him up I make sure to do it as tightly as possible. This is real important, ‘cause once you get into 4-5 diaper territory it gets hard to tape those suckers on. After that first diaper you just keep adding more and more until you’re satisfied. Even if you tape the diapers as tight as possible, sometimes they still don’t want to stay closed. God bless duct tape.

You can very carefully explain to your ABy that perhaps if he wouldn’t make changing time such a chore, you wouldn’t have to use so many diapers. Then just sit back and relax as you watch your silly adult baby attempt to waddle around. You might just find yourself wanting to use more than one adult diaper more often!

Mommy Lizabeth

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