To all my Sissies, Diaper Lovers, and Abies Alike
February 14, 2013
How Many Diapers…
February 15, 2013

Mean Sitter


Listen up adult babies; today Babysitter Jenna is in charge. Your mommy and daddy went off somewhere for the whooooole night. That means from now to when you go to bed, to the time you get up in the morning I am the boss and everything I say goes!!

I always have mommies and daddies asking me to be a sitter for their adult babies, that’s because they know that when I’m the sitter, you dumb ABies are gonna get away with anything! What your mommies and daddies don’t know is that sometimes I’m not the most upstanding sitter. Sometimes I might wanna have some of my girlfriends over to see what loser little adult babies I’m sitting for. Other times I might have some of my “special” friends over to play special games. Those kinda games are not for ABies! And don’t even waste your time thinking I’ll let you play them with me. If you’re really really good and you keep your little mouth shut, then just maybe I’ll let you watch when we play!

At least then you’ll have something to think about when you’ve got your hand down your diaper hahaha! Oh you thought I didn’t notice the icky ways you play with yourself?!! Silly adult babies, Babysitter Jenna knows everything!!




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