Sissy Decor
April 20, 2012
Fetish Phonesex With Mommy Star
April 23, 2012

I wanna be your hot diaper girl. I want you to watch me slip on my sexy purple diaper with a cute kitty in the front where mommy keeps her hot sexy pussy and you can even take pictures if you want to.

Mommy Crissy loves to pose all sweetly in her diaper and matching bra.
I can just see that hard cock popping out of your diaper while your thinking of pulling mommy close to
you and doing naughty stuff with her.
I could catch you looking at mommie’s sexy panty drawer and then have you try them on in front of me
what fun that would be!!
You may be the type that likes to change mommy and switch up our roles,I would gladly spread em
on a changing table for you.
You can give me a high hard one from behind if you are into that.

A little MILF goes along way babe, Crissy will take you all the way on the kitchen table or in a room full of
nice mommies that are taking care of the abies they love so much.

Any kink is cool with me and I have alot of em.

I just bet you like alot of the same stuff I do.
We can even explore new territories in fantasy will you take the leap and give me a ring?
I know you want to.



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