regressed into pampers
February 18, 2013
Taboo Phone Play: Just a Peek
February 21, 2013

Now isn’t this the cutest thing sissy B wanted to show me how cute and adorable he is dressed as the Easter bunny not sure if he sees how much of a sissy he is.Sissy B loves to be laughed and made fun of so that is just what i do to him loves to be made to go out in the public dressed up as the sissy he really is even though he says he isn’t.Hate to tell him but i do believe he is a pure breed sissy slut he keeps saying no no i am not a sissy but it didn’t take much for me to get him to dress up like this now he gets hunt the eggs in the front lawn on Easter Sunday just like all the neighborhood kids wonder what the other neighbors will think i believe they will laugh and make fun of my sissy B.



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