Mommy Is Waiting
April 6, 2013
adult diaper play
April 8, 2013

public diaper change

Last time I was your sitter and I brought you to the mall with me you begged and begged to wear big boy underwear. Well you remember what happened don’t you? You made a big nasty mess in your pants, and I had to leave the mall early. We both know that is just not acceptable, that’s why I had to get you all diapered for our little trip today.

Now you just keep quiet while I shop for intimates hehe! You just keep your hands to yourself and behave and we wont have any problems. Unless – oh no. You pooped in your diaper didn’t you? I can always tell from that guilty look on your face. Now I have to drag you out of the store and find the restrooms.

Oh no, no, no, little ABy, we’re not going in the boys room, I’m not allowed in there, you’re just gonna have to come in the ladies room, come on! Awwww hahaha! Is it embarrassing getting changed in from of a bunch of ladies, hmm? Haha don’t worry, I’m sure most of them have a lot of experience changing diapers and they’ve seen it all before, now hold still so I can wipe your peepee!!

xoxo Samantha

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