Tinkle Play
October 15, 2012
pathetic sissy
October 18, 2012

Come one come all classes are in session fall break is over its now back to Rebecca’s classroom.Now you there sitting in the front room stop that.That is not allowed and so in the corner you go hehehe.Oh now susie why did you pull up your blouse to show off those pasties you do know better.Now time for lesson number one for the day we will go over this until each and everyone knows this by heart pay close attention one all no diaper playing in the classroom that is for the playground only if you happen to dampen that diaper while in class just raise your hand and Teacher Rebecca will be more than happen to change it right in front of your classmates.And if your a really bad one i will keep you after class for extra class projects that might not be agreeable to you but then it might also snickering.



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