Touching Silk
February 28, 2013
Daycare Nurse
March 2, 2013

Bedwetter Bobby really likes his hot mommy.
He makes sure he drinks a lot of water before he goes night night, so he will wake up really soaked.
Mommy scolds him for always having to wash his bedding, she changes his diaper & powders his bottom
then she get’s his breakfast ready. Bedwetter Bobby goes in the bathroom to take his shower & gets so
fascinated when he puts his hand down his diaper. naughty abie Bobby playing with his peepee thinking about seeing ample cleavage of
his sexy mommy leaning over to strip his bed. Bobby you stop playing with that only bad boys do that!
I think Bobby liked being bad.
So I put him over mommy’s knee to show him what being bad get’s him.



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