Mean AB Mommy Lexus
February 28, 2013
Bedwetter Bobby
March 1, 2013

I know and saw how you watched as i moved across the floor watching every step i made you love silk stockings don’t you lil one your eyes gets all big and bright and shines like brand new buttons.The mouth falls open the drooling starts running down your chin can’t help yourself can you its so evident that you want to get closer to me.I sit in the chair and look at you still drooling i snicker to myself thinking i will see what else you do next since your not sitting in the chair too good and twisting around and cant sit still.Then i notice your chair seems to have moved somewhat closer than it was i laugh again to myself i do believe i will tease and taunt you for awhile then have you crawl across the patio floor just to get closer to these stockings that i know you want to touch so badly.Come on just a little closer lil one i will let you feel how soft and silky they are.



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