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“Let’s go to the Mall”
September 4, 2015
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Mommy’s Dirty Panties
September 6, 2015

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It is so nice when I have a good little submissive to play with however I see fit. When they do not talk back or fight the things I say, I am one happy MILF. I have a big, lonely house. One thing I have been wanting to get into the house lately is a pretty little sissy girl to do everything I say without giving me any lip! I have all sorts of plans for her, mainly letting her know that no matter what, mommy is in charge! When I hide that cock inside of an adult baby diaper, you had better not be surprised! You knew this was coming when you signed up wanting to be my perfect little sissy. I will be so good to you as long as you are good to me as well! I promise we will have such fun changing your diaper when it is messy, getting you all dressed up and looking pretty each and every day, and taking you out to hang with all of my friends!



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