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March 11, 2013
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March 15, 2013
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Back in Diapers

There was this little tiny fellow that loved wearing his big boy underwear so much,because it made him feel so big and important but thing was he just couldn’t make to the big boy potty in time he was always wetting his big boy underwear i kept warning him time and time again but he just didn’t or wouldn’t listen to me.I told him one more time and it was back to diapers for him.
So out to play he goes i am watching from my kitchen window as he swings and plays in the sandbox with his cars and trucks and shovels and buckets he kepts out there.next thing i know here he comes making a dive thru the kitchen door granny i am wet i am so sorry guess what happened to that naughty little boy you got back in diapers he was not too happy he was but he didn’t have a choice either.

Now he can go outside and play and not have to worry about all those accidents he was having he can enjoy all the fun of being a big baby which he knew deep down he already was.



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