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August 19, 2013
Shout Out to All Our Diaper Lovers
August 22, 2013

The phone is ringing you are so nervous but did you ever think that person you have ask for is nervous also.She might think you don’t like her voice just because she is a older woman that enjoys her job of being who she is.You are thinking you are going to hear this sweet voice on the other end but what you get is this older woman’s voice that has seen and heard it all nothing surprises this lady.She can tell when she answers the phone that you are surprised at her tone of voice that has aged with time and that is something you don’t think about when your so young and full of it do you.All you think about is that this is a old old woman with no heart or feelings but she does have them but she laughs it off because you see she has people that love talking to her and loves her voice as well.So you see my darlings you will age as well so think again when you hear that ageless voice on the other end and you hang up on her.Plus remember this when you decide you don’t like her tone of voice she might not like yours either ever think of that hmmm.



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