A Half Nude Boob Sex the lady was dressed in all black and was wearing stocks.
Diaper Boy
January 4, 2016
A Pussy Sex the lady was dressed in a pink western outfit dress, a white panty, and stockings.
My Adult Baby Caught Wearing My Thongs: Part 2
January 9, 2016

Good morning my little ABDLs! Yay you came back to Nanny Ellas Nursery! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, full of love and hugs, cuddles and spankings, and of course diaper changes.

Brrrrr! bABy it’s COLD outside! Finally 🙂 NO worries though, because everyone in the Nursery at Phone a Mommy is snugged up with their Mommies or Adult Babies. There is nothing quite like snuggling up to your Mommy..pressing up to my warm body, my loving arms wrapped snugly around you…maybe patting your little adult diaper, making it crinkle…


Oh my, sometimes Nanny Ella gets a little carried away when holding her bABies. So sweet and hungry for mommy to make them feel good, and sometimes showing them how to make their nanny feel just as good. What about you? Do you like mommy to make you feel good? Do you want to make mommy feel good? Well, you know where to find me…

Love and Hugs,

Nanny Ella





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