Did My Adult Baby Have a Bad Dream?
April 19, 2013
Diaper Humilation
April 21, 2013

31BhqlJh0GL.Image._Try as he might he could no longer denial he was a big baby faggot  he tried so hard to say he wasn’t but all the proof that anyone needs is here in the picture.Even says  he doesn’t wear diapers but pfft guess what he has on.Are you a baby in denial not admitting to anyone that you are just a big sissy baby like this one is that loves to suck his thumb wet his diapers and sometimes even messes in them i just bet you are sitting there shaking your head as you read about this sissy baby that was in denial and now its  out there where everyone knows that he is a sissy  baby faggot.Just take a look around the room your sitting in by time your eyes meet back the point you started from even in those hidden places you have hidden diapers,bottles, nipples,baby wipes,powders,lotion just anything that you have that a baby would use if you have that in your place then guess what you are a sissy baby.



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