Trick or Treat!
October 30, 2010
Let Me Be Your Mommy
November 2, 2010


Love horror movies, even the cheesy ones. There is something very appealing in turning on a good horror flick, feeling your heart race, palms sweat, and blood curdling screams. Once the movie is over, you are more tuned into every little sound, every little creek, you try and tell yourself it is just the house settling. But is it? You madly go through the house, whipping on the lights in every room, certain that you heard something or someone. Yet again, you dismiss it after not discovering anything in your search, but the feeling lingers, it haunts you as the sounds intensifies HAHAHAHA it is going to be one very long night!!!!

If you need a Mommy to keep you safe, Mommy Becca is here for you!
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