May 12, 2008
Being a Better Mommy
May 15, 2008
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The feel of Diapers

Today I had the best ever to come. Ordinary Sex is a bore! You have to get me in a way that only a few men will dare to go! I ask some guys to do it and they look at me and just say no *Boohooo* I say.Well, one guy like what I like and he put a diaper on! I love Pampers supreme squeeze in them come on you can fit! Cut that hole out and let that cock come through, stick it in that tight pussy and pound away. I’m going to squirt all over you ummmmm………………… you like that? I love it let that cum drip all over my face. I’m a mean slutty sitter how about you Babyboo.Kisses Samantha

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