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The Deconstruction of a Diaper Wearing Adult-Baby

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Now I realize that you look upon yourself as a man’s man – a man who commands respect of all those around you, having prestige and power and making decisions effecting all those around you.  But let’s take a closer look at that analogy, shall we?  You may see a man with many responsibilities when you look in the mirror, but I see the truth; I see a diaper wearing Adult Baby.  So let’s make a few comparisons and see who is right, shall we?


Does a man’s man wet the bed night after night? No… but an Adult Baby does.  Does a man’s man have to be put in a diaper because he can’t be trusted to use the potty like a big boy? No… but an Adult Baby does.  And does a man’s man need to be put in a soft sleeper with footsies after he’s been nursed and bathed and powdered from head to toe?  Again no… but an Adult Baby would surely desire it.


So let’s take a look at what we have here – a “man” who can’t be trusted to use the potty in a timely fashion; a “man” who has to be put in a diaper so he doesn’t wet the bed at night; a “man” who can’t be responsible for any aspect of his own care.


Well, looking at the evidence at hand, you aren’t a man’s man at all – you are, in fact, a diaper wearing Adult Baby… just as I surmised.



Never argue with a mommy – you will lose every time.




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