kinky mommy
December 3, 2012
Adult Baby Tee Shirts: Thoughtful Gift or Diabolical Punishment?
December 7, 2012

I know one thing sissy loves to serve.

When she is in my playroom sissy Sara is on her knees bound & gagged .

Her bare ass is very red from all paddling and as she cries from the suffering at my hand 

I call her a sorry,pitiful excuse for a person humiliating her as thoroughly as I possibly can.

She puts her sweaty little hands all over the front of her rubber panties she thinks she is clever 

Thinks that I do not know how much she is turned on by my humiliation and degradation of her.

Little slut I know just how to handle you I think then I turn her over and I shove my strap-on so far up 

her pink ass it makes her moan! 

Viciously me 

Mistress Veronika


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