pathetic sissy
October 18, 2012
Diaper play
October 21, 2012

Hello all my pretty little sissy gurls.  I know you’re sitting there right now, nearly quivering with excitement because you want to be just like me.  I know you want to go through my closet, peruse all my sexy sultry things, caress those soft, silky items of mine; yearning to pick out something pretty and frilly to wear, looking to please.

Perhaps we will go to the salon together and get matching hair styles, mani’s and pedi’s.  A day of pampering is in order I think – get you in the proper mindset.  After all, tonight we will go out and paint the town harlot red.  I want to show off all my pretty little sissy gurls for everyone to see.  Maybe you’ll get picked; maybe he will be the one to pick you tonight, to take home to play with, to make you feel like the beautiful little sissy slut that you are.

So why don’t you call Miss Maggie and I will take you there.  Take you to that place that you crave, that place where you want to be more then anywhere in the world.




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