Lap Time for my Adult Babies
February 8, 2013
Diapered Husband
February 10, 2013
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Sissy Boi

This abdl mommy loves to play with little sissy boys. While you are under my spell, I will make you wear panties, stockings, high heels and if you are a good sissy, I’ll let you walk around in some of mommy’s heels. Maybe with a matching handbag. I will teach you to visualize yourself as exactly what you are: a pretty little sissy princess sissy LOL!!! You will experience a transformation. You will feel free. Free to finally accept what a pathetic loser you are. Are you ready to enter a girly world? To let go and be what you only fantasized of in your own mind? Share with me your most secret fears. I have helped so many sissy abies come out. I will take you there. Just call and ask for Mommy Candy your sissy Instructor




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