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December 9, 2012
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December 10, 2012
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Peek a Boob abie!

All cuddled up next to mommy your a cuddle bunny. I cover your eyes.
I say “looks like you are hungry.” I untie my nightie and slip my creamy breast out, Peek a boob abie! You are cooing and giggling at me
hungrily your grab my breast and start suckling. Ahhh, it feel so good to be with my abie!
All done? Good Job my abdl crinkle king! I pick you up and carry you on my chest with my burping rag and walk around with you while I pat your little back. I start to feel your little belly rumble a bit then you burp a big burp for me. That is much better now You and I lay down on a big furry blankie, we are snuggled up and you drift off to night night.

huggles and snuggles


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