Christmas Shopping
November 5, 2012
November 7, 2012

Have you been a bad little one or a good one oh well it really doesn’t matter either way i am going to take you across my knee for a spanking or a bouncing so which do you think it will be huh.I honestly think its going to be a spanking i see the devil in those eyes of yours.And plus you can’t look me in the eye when i questioned you about that mess in the kitchen floor.Shuffling those feet back and forth eyes darting every which way but still not looking at me naughty boi are you not.

Well its time for over my knee spanking and in the corner time you remember that special corner i have for naughty ones don’t you.hehehe i know you so love going to that corner the one where everyone can see you with those diaper pants showing off that red butt of yours.



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